Curses! (2)



«Scene: Hargoyle, the Hero, and Aurelio Voltaire on the deck of the ghost ship»

Aurelio Voltaire: It worked, it worked! I KNEW those fishbones were the real deal!

Hero: I can't believe that really worked.

«Scene: Two seawraiths appear»

Seawraith: Curses! They've found the secret!
Seawraith: No matter! We'll NEVER let you into the hold!

Hero: The hold, you say?

Seawraith: What? No!

Aurelio Voltaire: That must be where we need to go to break the curse!

Seawraith: What? No!
Seawraith: Where ever would you get that idea?

Candy Claws: Didn't you just say?

Seawraith: Yearrrgh! It was you!

Seawraith: NO! It must have been you!

Hero: Alright, guys. Let's get 'em!

«The Hero runs at the fading seawraiths»

«Scene fades»

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