Curses! (1)



«Scene: the Hero has defeated Scurvyfins McKrill»

Captain Rhubarb: Ha! I knew I brought ye along for a reason, <Hero>!

Hero: Don't forget me when you're getting paid for this thing!

Scurvyfins McKrill: Ye'll regret this!

Hero: Shh, we already beat you. Don't embarrass yourself.

Scurvyfins McKrill: I mean it! Ye have one last chance to do th' right thing.
Scurvyfins McKrill: Leave that gem where it belongs!

Captain Rhubarb: Absolutely, I have every intention of doin' that.

«Captain Rhubarb holds out the gem»

Captain Rhubarb: An' where it belongs is with ME!

Scurvyfins McKrill: No! Put it back! Put it back before-

«The screen starts shaking»

Scurvyfins McKrill: …it's too late.

Floyd: Blimey! It's the curse!

Hero: Ah, crud.

«Scene fades»

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