Crystal Bright (Cutscene)


«Scene: Band playing as audience watches on»

Audience: …so pretty
Audience: …magical!
Audience: I feel like I'm in a dream…

Reens: It really does almost feel like you're living through the stories she's singing.

Hero: I dunno, I feel like I must be missing something.
Hero: I don't see anything at all.

Reens: Really? That kinda sucks for you.
Reens: Are you sure you're not wearing some kind of ring of magic resistance or something?

Hero: No, I-

«Screen scrolls left to show Miranda»

Miranda: Excuse me?

Hero: Huh?

Miranda: You're <Hero>… aren't you?

Hero: Yeah, that's right.

Miranda: I was here with William, my sweetheart. But I've gotten lost from him.
Miranda: I can't find him anywhere.

Hero: Well… where did you see him last?

Miranda: I don't know. I can't remember, everything is so… foggy.
Miranda: Please. I heard you were a real hero. I… was hoping you'd help me find him.

Hero: Oh, hey, of course I will. Don't worry. It'll be ok!

«Reens shrugs.»

«Scene fades»

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