CruxShadows 5


«Rogue uses the ankh to zap Apephryx with white light. He throws the ankh. The Hero catches it and does the same. Apephryx is destroyed and the red glow of the platform fades. The ankh glows white.»

Apephryx: I. WILL. RETURN!

«Apephryx becomes a constellation in the sky»

«Scene fades»

«The Hero hands the ankh to Rogue»

Rogue: Thank you, without your help, the ankh might have been lost forever.

Hero: Even though the night is almost over, I can still feel the pull of the Ankh's power.
Hero: I'll be glad once it's back on your ship… but not to see you go.

Rogue: Well, I have feeling our paths will cross again. You're always welcome on the CruxShadows. How about we keep a front row seat waiting for you here in the SkyTheater.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero watches the CruxShadows' concert»

«Scene fades»

«The Cruxshadows Ship flies away, but after it leaves, Apephryx's constellation in the night sky glows red.»

Celebrate now heroes, for I SHALL return AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

«Scene fades»

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