Guardian of the Djinn Realm
Hello, here! My name is Crulon, and I am one of the guardians of the Djinn Realm. Or, at least, I WAS. Long ago, we sacrificed our Guardian Weapons to defeat an ancient evil. But now, it is back! Without our Guardian Weapons, we cannot stop it! That’s why I've summoned you here. Hero, we need your help!

What Happened?
Long ago, a wicked sorcerer resurrected a primordial evil - a terrible creature called Gedoz the Malignant. She had intended to use the creature's power to destroy the Sandsea and take over the realm of the Djinn. We were not powerful enough to stop it on our own, so we sought help.

We sacrificed our Guardian Weapons to summon Zular, the ancient warden of the Djinn. Zular defeated Gedoz, and sealed it away. For centuries, Gedoz remained imprisoned. Now, someone has broken the seal, and it has returned! But without our Guardian Weapons, how are we to defeat it?

Guardian Weapons?
These weapons were imbued with great mystical power. When we draw on this power to summon Zular, the weapons shattered, and their remains are scattered across Lore. If we are to defeat Gedoz again, we will need to gather their pieces, and reform the weapons. Without their power, we don't stand a chance.

- Crulon's Quests

After completing the 'Armor of Zular' quest:

Guardian of the Djinn Realm
We have reformed all 5 of the Guardian Weapons, and imbued the Armor of Zular with the power of Zular, the Ancient Warden. We are now ready to face Gedoz the Malignant! With this armor, you can now pass through the barrier into Gedoz' lair. Confront him, and defeat him, so that we can imprison him once more.

- Crulon's Quests

After completing the 'Gedoz, Geddout!' quest:

Guardian of the Djinn Realm
We have done it, my friend! We’ve defeated Gedoz the Malignant, and saved the Djinn Realm from his tyranny. Here's hoping he stays put this time!
I have a special cache of gear that I normally only share with other Djinn. But to thank you for your help, I'd like to let you have some, too. Would you like to take a look?

- Djinn Gate Merge
- Djinn Hair Shop
- Crulon's Quests
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