Cross the Time Streams


«The Hero and Kairos face off against the Neverborn.»

Kairos: It's funny about time, and the effects of the timestream on those who were never meant to leave it.

Hero: You mean --

Kairos: Oh yes, any moment now. Countdown, please!

Hero: 3…
Hero: 2…
Hero: 1…

«The Neverborn explodes»

Hero: Was that ALWAYS going to happen?

Kairos: Yes. The Neverborn could not last in this world. He was created from starstuff… he was not meant to exist here.

Hero: So… I didn't need to fight it?

Kairos: NEED to, no. Should you have? Yes. You will face much worse than that very shortly.

Hero: That sounds a little ominous. Can I get a little more information?

Kairos: Not without affecting what's to come, no. You already know about Vorefax, and the Council of Chronolords.
Kairos: You will know more soon enough.

«Scene fades»

«Two portals are shown on a black screen - one blue in the top left corner and one orange in the bottom right corner»

The Throne of Darkness
The Paradox Portal
The saga continues with Xeven's tale… soon!

«Scene fades»

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