Cross Fired Examination


«Scene: Darkon, La and Hero on Screen 11 of Astravia Judgement»

Hero: There you are! I've been wondering where you ran off to.
Hero: It looks like you got to him first.


Hero: This is where we team up on Darkon right?
Hero: … Right?

«La prepares to shoot a beam at the Hero»

La: Everything up until now wasn't a lie, <Hero>. Darkon just caught up to me.
La: And so have my wrongdoings.

Hero: What is it? Threats? That Alprecha's Beloved thing?
Hero: You can turn around and finish what you started!

La: Not this time.
La: We weren't able to stop him from getting this far.
La: Above us is the Primordial's true body, not a doll made of mortal flesh.
La: We stand no chance against it, which is why it's come to this.
La: Darkon is my dear friend.
La: I am a knight of Astravia.
La: I first betrayed my people, and now my allies.
La: We stand under the twenty-first of the Arcana Primordials. This will be my Judgement.

«Scene fades»

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