Creation of the Queen


«Scene: Anka, Drakath and Hero in Down Below»

Anka: Drakath's father was not the Queen's first mate.
Anka: There was another, long before him. Thousands of years in the past, when she was still human.
Anka: He was a parallel to Dethrix in some ways. He had similar ambitions. He wanted to build an empire.

Anka: When he took the throne, he knew he could afford no weakness. And his wife was too gentle, too humane, for the things he would have to do.
Anka: He tried to be kind about it. He took her into the woods and quietly smothered her. When he thought she had died, he left her on the ground…
Anka: Right where you and I found that tunnel, <Hero>.

Anka: But she was not gone yet.
Anka: She lay there, dying and distraught, until the earth swallowed her.
Anka: she cast off the weakness her husband had seen in her. Everything that had made her human.

Anka: Her rage and grief exploded in flame and burst a hole through the dimensions. This created a new plane of existence… the Plane of Monsters.
Anka: She returned, full of righteous anger, with an army of monsters, and killed her treacherous mate.
Anka: …the same army that would later help her second mate take control of Swordhaven.

Anka: Such strength she had! A strength that I now possess.
Anka: You cannot stop me, <Hero>. This world belongs to me now.

«Scene fades»

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