Creation Deaducation


«Scene: Starts off with the Hero sitting in a classroom with other necromancers and Professor Bonevert teaching her lesson»

Prof. Bonevert: You, student. Yes, you! Aren't you done yet?.

Hero: Sorry, Prof. Just finished! These ol' bones can't move quite as fast as they used to.
Hero: Especially when those skeletons I'm chasing have their Dex enhanced!

Prof. Bonevert: I fancy you's find yourself flippant if you were facing life as stewmeat.
Prof. Bonevert: Keep mocking me and I'll see you enrolled Home Necromancies as a volunteer visual aide.
Prof. Bonevert: Their next unit is on "Slicing, Dicing, and Splicing.

Hero: Whatever you say, Prof!

Prof. Bonevert: *sigh* Let's move on. *grumble* No respect…
Prof. Bonevert: Today's lesson deals with a tangential topic.
Prof. Bonevert: Now how to build a minion from the bones up, but the deeper power to create unlife.
Prof. Bonevert: Does anyone have a good example of a recent creation to study?

Hero: Oooh! Ooo0h! What about … Vordred?

Prof. Bonevert: A most appropriate example, considering the faculty at our fine institution.
Prof. Bonevert: It took a Master of the Necrotic Arts completely corrupted by Evil to create Vordred.
Prof. Bonevert: Only through centuries of experience and with a heart of Good was Vordred produced.
Prof. Bonevert: None of you have the experience to do so… yet. But some of you -
Prof. Bonevert: - may one day find yourselves as vessels of great power. It is for this I prepare you.
Prof. Bonevert: We will not meet tomorrow. I find myself in a most un-humerus predicament, and must address it.
Prof. Bonevert: Class dismissed.

«Scene fades»-

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