Count Me In


«Scene: Pirate Queen Teja holding her green jewel eye»

Teja: I'll be takin' that.

Hero: Malgor will be here soon.

Teja: Let him come. He has plenty to answer for.

Hero: Are you kidding me? There are THREE of us!

Teja: Four if you count ya friend over there.

«Scene: Varga stands behind the Hero»

Varga: We're building an army to go up against him.

Hero: With more people on our side, we'll have a better chance.


«Teja nods»

Teja: Alright, count me in.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a shadow passes over the keep's roof and the screen pans up and to the left to show Malgor standing on top of the doorway to the roof»

Shadowlord Malgor: We're too late.
Shadowlord Malgor: Teja has turned against her crew and left with <Hero>.

Shadow Knight Gar: We weren't prepared for the Warfury's army to attack. They slowed us down.
Shadow Knight Gar: I won't let that happen again.

«Scene fades»

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