Council Meeting


«Dage's Underworld, Dage»

Dage: I have called you here today, my Dark Council, to discuss betrayal. One of you has broken rank and fled.
Dage: Look around you, and you will see loyalty. A quality I require of my Legion. And DEMAND of my commanders.
Dage: Those I trust to lead my Legion in battle must be loyal to ME. And only to me.
Dage: There is no other way to achieve the goals I have set out for us: total domination.

«Dage's commanders cheering»

«Change scene to Nulgath's Underworld, Nulgath, Dage the Evil, confronting with their armies»

Nulgath: It should never have begun. You are not strong enough to face me and win, apprentice.

Dage the Evil: You don't see my Legion? Every blade they carry, I swing. Every blast they fire, I direct.
Dage the Evil: I AM the Legion, and they are the only weapon I need to finish you.

«Change scene back to Dage's Underworld with Dage»

Dage: Before there was an Undead Legion, before I became Dage the Evil, I was still a Master of the Darkness.
Dage: Long ago, I gave my soul to it in exchange for the power that was mine by right.
Dage: I was the most powerful Lich to walk this world, but that was not enough.
Dage: I could sense power beyond my control, and once I located its source, I did what was necessary to seize it.
Dage: For over a century, I "apprenticed" to Nulgath the ArchFiend, a hulking, overbearing, mutant of a Master.
Dage: I served as required while planning to take what I could, what I should.
Dage: I bowed to my "Master" in order to hone my skill and learn his tricks.
Dage: And so, I was able to eventually defeat him. Thanks to my skill and yours, my Undead Legion.

«Change scene to Dage in battle in the Underworld»

«Change scene back to Dage's Underworld with Dage»

Dage: But to the matter at hand. The betrayal. This is no the first time one I trusted betrayed me.
Dage: But then, Nulgath the Archfiend was the architect of the deception.

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