Corvak (Mini-Game)

Location: Alteon Fight

  • Use the mouse to move the Dragon on the screen.
  • Click the left mouse button while in the air to shoot fireballs.
  • Hold the left button of the mouse for half a second to charge and then release it to ignite the dragon's flame.
  • To run move the dragon to the ground.
  • While on the ground click the left button to make the Dragon Bite.
  • If you get hit by enemies you will lose hit points. If it reaches zero you will have to start over.
  • Eat Guardians to regain health.
  • Destroy as many things as you can to achieve a High Score.


  • Take down the Corvak to complete your quest!

Reward: Corvak Defeated (Dropped during the 'Defeat the Dragon' quest)


Thanks to kittyDEMON.

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