Control the Power


«Scene: the Hero confronts Kezeroth»

Kezeroth: Haven't you had enough yet?

«Kezeroth attempts to land a blow on the Hero, who dodges it»

Hero: *huff, puff*
Hero: Do I lose my hero card if I say yes?

Syrrus: Don't stop now, Hero! You've almost got him!

Hero: I can feel the Crystal giving me strength.
Hero: But I don't think it's enough!

Kezeroth: I am the most powerful being on Lore.
Kezeroth: No artifact could make you strong enough to stop me!

«Kezeroth attacks once more, but the Hero blocks it with the staff of the Crystal of Glacera»

Kezeroth: What is this?!

Hero: Wow! Maybe I spoke too soon!
Hero: I wonder if I can control this?

«Hero freezes Kezeroth»

Kezeroth: I… I can't move…

Syrrus: It's working! Keep it up!

«Karok forces the Hero to release their grip on Kezeroth»

Karok: It's time to put and end to this.
Karok: I'll handle you myself.

«Scene fades»

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