Contract Negotiations


«At the portal, Nulgath is now present»

Nulgath: YES!
Nulgath: Very good, Dirtlicker. And you too, <Hero>.

Nulgath: Now, with this link established, nothing will stop my army from marching across Lore!

«Nulgath's army spawns in the portal room»

Dirtlicker: Master, will you be joining us in Lore again?

Nulgath: Not yet. There is still much to gain from the Oversoul. I will continue to create Fiends and send them to Lore until this dimension is destroyed.
Nulgath: Then, I will return and crush that pathetic Dage myself!
Nulgath: Until then, Dirtlicker, you will remain in command of the troops. But remember, do not fail me. You can always be replaced.

Dirtlicker: Of course, Master.

«Nulgath goes off the portal»

Dirtlicker: Well done, Hero. That is the most compassion I've ever seen the Archfiend express.

Hero: That was compassion?! I would hate to see what he is like when he is in a bad mood!

Dirtlicker: It's quite… disturbing.
Dirtlicker: Anyway, you are welcome to stay here and return as much as you like. There is still much to do.
Dirtlicker: If you help out, I would be willing to reward you with some of the Nation's gear.

Hero: I might have to take you up on that! Right now, I must return to saving Lore! People need me!

Dirtlicker: Very well, I wish you luck with your travels. Until next time, Hero.

«Scene fades»

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