Contract Destruction


«Scene: Hero defeats the Master Chairman and it explodes»

«Close up on shocked Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: The Master Chairman Platinum! No!
Chairman Platinum: All those secrets! All those contracts! Gone!

«Close up on angry Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: You!!!

Hero: Guess you should have had me sign a contract, huh?

Chairman Platinum: I should have made you sign a contract! Why didn't I think of that?!

Hero: I knew you were up to something!
Hero: Just wish I would have figured it out before I had all my friends sign away their free will…

Chairman Platinum: Grr… Well they're free now! Billions of gold wasted!

Hero: Billions?! What part of that plan cost billions of gold?!

Chairman Platinum: The rent here is insane! It's criminal!

«Close up on the Hero»

Hero: Heh, I see what you did there!
Hero: So what are you going to do next? Scalp trading cards and gaming consoles?

Chairman Platinum: (That's not a bad idea!) No!
Chairman Platinum: Maybe I'll try another pyramid scheme! No! A tetrahedron scheme!

Hero: Just leave me and my friends out of it! I have enough to worry about with the whole world ending every other weekend!

Chairman Platinum: Oh, you haven't seen the last of me, <Hero>!
Chairman Platinum: In fact! I'll be one of those world ending weekends here soon!

Hero: Umm… Sure. But can it be a weekday or something? Like next Wednesday? I would love a weekend off!

Chairman Platinum: Oh, of course! (Set a reminder to end the world on Saturday…)

Hero: What was that?

Chairman Platinum: Nothing!

Hero: Wait a minute! Why would I just let you go?!

«Hero turns their head around»

Hero: Hey, everyone! Come get this guy!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Everyone who was conned by the contract carrying Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: Put me down! This suit is too expensive for you to be putting your grubby hands on it!

Ziri: Ziri wonders how this grumpy old man tastes!

«Chairman Platinum face's expression turns to shock»

Chairman Platinum: What?!

Dage the Evil: You will make an excellent Undead Toilet.

Chairman Platinum: Definitely not!

Nulgath: No, Dage! He's mine! No one makes *me* sign a contract!

Swaggy: I want to strap him to the Wheel and watch him spiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Chairman Platinum: Let go of me!

Victoria: He would make a lovely servant.

Gravelyn: Perhaps an Undead one, for us to share.

Chairman Platinum: You were supposed to serve me!

Alina: Think of all the poisons and antidotes I can try on you!

Cysero: Not if I turn him into a weapon first!

Chairman Platinum: You are all insane!

«Close up on terrified Chairman Platinum»

Chairman Platinum: <Hero>! I'm sorry! Help!

«Scene fades»

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