During the 'Bridge Over Troubled Wellmet' quest:

Mage and former-thief, student of Nevery
Who would've thought we'd find THAT? Sure as sure, there's no time to delay. We've got to get across the Night Bridge and back to the others. We're going to have to pool our wits AND luck if we're to save the mages. The nice cleric told me Nevery's safe, but kept apart. He needs our help; they all do!

- Conn's Quests

During the 'Focus on the Locus' quest:

Mage and former-thief, student of Nevery
I can FEEL my locus magicalicus, Hero! It's somewhere near here, but a bit off. I think… maybe in the alley where we first met Cysero. That'd be a good spot to start hunting. With a focus stone of my own, I can REALLY help save the mages!

- Conn's Quests



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