Confronting Super Death


«Scene: Hero and Arctikiller on Screen 17 of Super Death Trials»

Hero: Whoa! That’s Super Death?!

Arctikiller: Well he’s normally less spikey and more nerdy…

Super Death: You… you realize I can hear all of this, right?

Hero: It doesn’t matter! Because we are here to stop you!

Arctikiller: Right! We’re here to make your chance of victory absolute zero!

«Close up on Super Death»

Super Death: Wow, Arctikiller, your Ice puns are getting better!

«Close up on Arctikiller and Hero»

Arctikiller: Thanks! I’ve been waiting this entire time to use that one!

Super Death: I must say, I’m surprised you were able to reach me!

Hero: It’s not like we were going to just let you take over Lore without a fight!

Super Death: No, no, I get that…
Super Death: I’m just surprised you were actually able to reach me!
Super Death: It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.
Super Death: Plus, I’ve never seen you before.

«Close up on Arctikiller and the Hero again»

Super Death: I think I would have remembered getting one that looked like you!

Hero: Arctikiller, do you know what he’s talking about?

Arctikiller: No idea…

«Close up on Super Death»

Super Death: It doesn’t matter! This ends here!
Super Death: Prepare to be defeated by SUPER DEATH!

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