Confronting Dirtlicker


«Scene: Hero and Dirtlicker on Screen 8 of Fiendshard»

Dirtlicker: What do you think you are doing, <Hero>?!
Dirtlicker: You dare go agains the great Archfiend?

Hero: Get out of my way, Dirtlicker. I don't want to have to fight you.

Dirtlicker: Do you honestly think I can let you pass and destroy the Fiend Shard?
Dirtlicker: Absolutely not!

Hero: I was kinda hoping that would be how it went…

Dirtlicker: Unfortunately, you must pay for your transgressions against my Master.
Dirtlicker: Prepare to die!

«Dirtlicker summons a Fiend Shard of his own»

Hero: Is that a…

Dirtlicker: A Fiend Shard? Yes!
Dirtlicker: You see, I have studied all there is to know about my Master, including where he gets his power.
Dirtlicker: I want to be just like him, and will stop at nothing to see his will done!
Dirtlicker: Therefore, I studied and studied, until I uncovered the way my Master communed with the Fiend God.
Dirtlicker: Adimonde himself gave me this Fiend Shard!
Dirtlicker: Using its power, I will show Nulgath that I am worthy of being his second-in-command, and slaughter any enemies in his way.

«Fiend Shard powers up in an explosion»

Dirtlicker: Including traitors like YOU!

«Scene fades»

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