Confrontation (Cutscene) (4)


«Scene: Valen, covered in dirt, enters Dethrix's throne room»

Valen: Dethrix! Where is she!
Valen: Where is Lynaria?

«Scene: Dethrix sits on his throne»

Dethrix: Ah, Valen. I knew you would be the one to come.
Dethrix: Alden is the one she married, but his duty is to his people.
Dethrix: But it's you who truly puts her about all else. Isn't it?
Dethrix: Tell me, does it make you angry that she chose him over you?

«Scene: Valen»

Valen: Shut up! It isn't like that!
Valen: You're trying to make me angry - to get me to lose focus!

«Scene: Valen stands in the foreground with Dethrix on his throne in the background»

Dethrix: You've already lost focus.
Dethrix: You wouldn't be here if you hadn't.
Dethrix: You were just barely able to defeat me the last time we fought.
Dethrix: Yet here you are, eager to confront me despite being down two champions and half and army.
Dethrix: You can't win.

Valen: I have to try.

«Dethrix gets off his throne»

Dethrix: This time I'll make sure you can't get up again.

«Scene fades»

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