Confrontation (Cutscene) (3)



«Scene: Dage and the Hero confront Zeph'gorog.»

Zeph'gorog: I have to admit, I wasn't expecting you to be able to escape like that.
Zeph'gorog: But I learn from my mistakes. And I can ward against the creation of portals.
Zeph'gorog: You won't escape so easily this time.

«A better view of Dage and the Hero»

Dage The Evil: Last time you caught us off guard.
Dage The Evil: I'm not so easy to defeat when I'm expecting it.

Zeph'gorog: Do you think Nulgath left this place guarded by someone who could not handle you?

«Close up of Dage, who readies his blade»

Dage the Evil: Let's find out.

«Scene fades»

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