Confrontation (Cutscene) (1)


«Scene: Laken, the Hero, and Dage in the Legion Dreadnought, facing the SF3017 Shogun»

SF3017 Shogun: Laken. The turncoat.
SF3017 Shogun: You should have stayed in whatever past you ran away to.

Laken: So the Future Legion could follow me there, and devour it too? I don't think so.
Laken: I won't let you destroy any other world like you did this one.

SF3017 Shogun: And you're going to stop us?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Pan over Dage, Laken, and the Hero»

SF3017 Shogun: With… what? A weaker version of Dage…
SF3017 Shogun: A weaker version of his Undead Legion…
SF3017 Shogun: and one <Hero's class>?

Hero: Yeah. We are.

«Scene: SF3017 Shogun»

SF3017 Shogun: Feh. You're not even worth my time.
SF3017 Shogun: Legionator! Destroy them!

«Scene fades»

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