«Scene: Hero and Kyger on Screen 10 of Stonewood Fortress»

Zombie Villager: Stop! Please don't hurt us!

Kyger: Huh??
Kyger: But… you're undead. You're the enemy!
Kyger: <Hero>… I don't understand!

Hero: Let's hear what they have to say.

Zombie Villager 2: The Deadtech came to our village, just south of here. They took us prisoner.
Zombie Villager 2: We escaped before their Crypthackers could assimilate us, thanks to your heroic friend here.

«Hero points their arm and then lowers it»

Hero: You were the prisoners I set free!

Zombie Villager: That's right. But… it was already too late for us. Shortly after we left, our bodies started to rot.
Zombie Villager: We were… undead.

Zombie Villager 2: Please… we just want to exist in peace.

Kyger: <Hero>, what should I do?

Hero: It's time for your second lesson, Kyger… compassion.
Hero: These villagers don't want to hurt anyone. They're not our enemy.

Kyger: Then I won't hurt them, either.

«Scene fades»

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