Commands & Canned Chat


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /afk

afk: Toggles your AFK status on/off
report <abusive player name>: Brings up the report menu
join <location name>: Takes you to the desired location
join <location name>-<room number>: You can join custom rooms over 1000 and under 100000, as long as they are not full. Joining an instance of 100000 or more results in you being transported to a random instance between 99000 and 99999.
goto <character name>: Go directly to a specific player (presuming that the destination room is not full or a locked zone)
w <player's name> (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
tell <player's name> (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
<player's name> > (space bar): Whisper to someone privately
[shift]+click a name in the chat window: Quickly lets you whisper to that player
who: View users in the area
who <player's name>: Tells you if that person is logged on to the same server as you. (Note: Glitches and does not work if the player's name consists of three or more parts contains spaces, i.e. a username such as Sora To Hoshi will not appear with the /who <player's name> command regardless of being online or not.)
s (space bar): Speak in normal chat
say (space bar): Speak in normal chat
1 (space bar): Speak in normal chat
p (space bar): Speak in party chat (s, say or 1 followed by pressing the space bar deactivates party chat)
ignore <player's name>: Ignores a player. The players' names will then be visible on the Ignore List in the order in which they were ignored.
unignore <player's name>: Unignores a player. This command can be also used on words/phrases that are not part of usernames, and they will still be added to the Ignore List.
c (space bar): Speak in private chat (after someone PM's you) (s, say or 1 followed by pressing the space bar deactivates private chat)
r (space bar): Reply to the last person who whispered to you in private chat
> (space bar): Reply to the last person who whispered to you in private chat (This command does not require a front slash '/' to be used)
partyon: Toggles party invites on
partyoff: Toggles party invites off
friendon: Toggles friend invites on
friendoff: Toggles friend invites off
pmon: Toggles whispers on
pmoff: Toggles whispers off
friend <player's name>: Invites player to join your friends list
invite <player's name>: Invites player to join your party
house <player's name>: Go to someone's house (if they don't have one, you are taken to Centaur 21 instead)
roll: Randomly rolls a number between 1 and 100, within emote chat, in the format "<player> rolls a <number between 1 and 100>".
reload: Reloaded your character in the map raresmall.png
ps <player's name>: Summons a player from another map (must be in your party to do so)
pi <player's name>: Invites a player to your party
duel <player's name>: Invites that person to PvP (Doomwood Arena only)
e/me/em <message>: Makes a custom emote
gc <guild name>: Creates a guild legendsmall.png
gd <player's name>: Demotes a player in your guild.
gi <player's name>: Invites a player to your guild
gp <player's name>: Promotes a player in your guild
gr <player's name>: Removes a player from your guild
rg <guild name>: Renames a guild (Cost: 1,000 acsmall.png)
g (space bar): Activates guild chat (s, say or 1 followed by pressing the space bar deactivates guild chat)
guild: Brings up the list of guild members and what server they're on
motd: Shows guild's message of the day.
motd <message>: Either creates or overrides a new message of the day (only if you're the Guild Leader or a Guild Officer)


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /dance

airguitar: you mimic playing a guitar using your currently equipped weapon
backflip: you backflip
bow: you bow
cheer: you cheer
cry: you cry and stop
cry2: you cry without stopping legendsmall.png
dance: you dance
dance2: you dance the cancan
danceweapon you dance with your weapon legendsmall.png
dazed: you act like you are stunned legendsmall.png
fart: you fart (sound and animation) Makes you stand (Note: This emote is bugged.)
facepalm: hand to face
feign: you mimic being hit and pretend to die
headbang: you move your head in a rocking position legendsmall.png
jumpcheer: you jump in joy legendsmall.png
jump: you jump
kneel: you kneel legendsmall.png
laugh/lol: you laugh
point: you point
powerup: creates a power beam light around you legendsmall.png
punt: you kick
rest: You kneel and rest (Restores HP/MP)
salute: you salute
salute2: you salute by putting your hand to your forehead legendsmall.png
samba: you start dancing the samba legendsmall.png (Unlocks after you beat Samba's /Dance Evolution)
sheath: you place your current weapon on your back raresmall.png
sleep: you lie down and start to sleep
spar: you punch with your fists legendsmall.png
stepdance: you dance on both your toes legendsmall.png
stern: you place both arms on your hips
swordplay: you mimic a sword fight using a rapier
unsheath: your weapon goes to the back and you unsheath it, ending in a ready position
use: you hold your weapon vertically hands in front of you
useweapon: you hold your weapon vertically in front of you legendsmall.png
wave: you wave

Keyboard Shortcuts

1: Auto-Attack
2: First Skill
3: Second Skill
4: Third Skill
5: Fourth Skill
6: Use Equipped Items
B: Opens bank (Must have a bank item in your inventory)
C: Character Panel - Check stats and Class skills.
T: Target - When highlighted on another player pressing T selects their target
L: Quest Log - Brings up a list of the quests that are accepted
F: Brings up your Friends List
U: Brings up the list showing all players in your zone
I: Opens your Inventory
V: Shows the Health Bar under character names
H: Opens up your House Inventory if you're in your house (Note: currently not working)
Space Bar: Makes you jump (Note: it only shows on your screen)
Esc: Stops all actions, including attacking a monster. Pressing it a second time closes the target interface. raresmall.png

Canned Chat


  • Hello!
  • Hi!
  • Well met!
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome back!
  • How are you today?


  • Bye!
  • See you later.
  • I'm going AFK
  • I have to go now.
  • logging out now.
  • brb
  • Farewell


  • Can I add you
    • to my friends list?
    • to my party?
  • Do you want to battle together?
  • Is that a Member only…
    • Helm?
    • Cape?
    • Armor?
    • Weapon?
  • Where are you?
  • Are you sure?
  • Can I help you?
  • What is your alignment?
  • Where did you get that…
    • Helm
    • Cape
    • Armor
    • Weapon
    • Pet
  • Are you a…
    • Guardian?
    • DragonLord?
    • StarCaptain?
  • Do you play…
    • AdventureQuest?
    • DragonFable?
    • MechQuest?
  • What are you doing?


  • thanks/welcome
    • Thanks!
    • Thank you!
    • Thanks for helping me.
    • I owe you one.
    • No problem!
    • You're welcome!
  • I am doing/trying to..
    • I am doing a quest.
    • I am farming.
    • I am playing the new release.
    • I am trying to level up.
    • I am trying to rank up.
  • I'm fine, thanks.
  • Could be better.
  • I don't think so.
  • I don't know.
  • Indeed.
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • Good.
  • Evil.
  • Me too!
  • I got it…
    • as a drop.
    • from a shop.
  • You can check the Wiki for the location.
  • Your Book of Lore will know that
  • I can only use Canned Chat.

Meeting Up

  • Follow me!
  • Over here!
  • Goto me.
  • I'll follow you.
  • Maybe some other time.
  • Okay, let's go.
  • Come back here.
  • I need to finish this first.
  • Seriously?
  • I'm going to…
    • Artix server.
    • Galanoth server.
    • Safiria server.
    • Nythera server.
    • Cysero server.
    • Minimal server.
    • Zhoom server.
    • Sir Ver server.
    • Twig server.
    • Twilly server.
  • Sorry I'm busy.

In Battle

  • Can you..
    • help me with this battle?
    • help me with the boss?
  • Planning…
    • Let's attack now!
    • I'll go first.
    • You go first.
    • I need to rest.
  • During the battle
    • Heal, please!
    • MEDIC!
    • Help!
    • I'm out of Mana.
    • Use your special attacks!
    • This monster is strong!
    • Slay that monster!
  • After battle
    • Yes! I got the drop!
    • We did it!
    • You fight well.
    • Nooo! I died!
    • Let's try again!


  • Battle on!
  • OMG!
  • lol
  • Woot!
  • Wow!
  • High Five!
  • Congrats!
  • Level up!
  • Rank up!
  • Long live King Alteon the Good!!
  • This rocks!
  • This is awesome!
  • This is fun.
  • That is really cool.
  • Cheer up!
  • Great!
  • HaHa


  • following me.
  • doing that.
  • PMing me.


  • :)
  • :(
  • :/
  • :|
  • :O
  • D:




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