Color Me Scared



«Scene: Wacky Winka reads a magazine»

Two days ago…

Winka: "The Chromafectionary Confabricator" - guaranteed to make candy that's dandy and turns zeroes to heroes.
Winka: The set-up on this baby was almost TOO easy. But no time to waste…
Winka: Mogloween is almost here, and THIS confectioner has candy to make!
Winka: With this machine and my new recipe for Chocoloco Wackerdoodles, I'll become the most famous candy-maker in the world!

«Winka looks at the camera and winks»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Carly Canister in a grayed-out town square»

Carly: Ever since Wacky Winka got his new candy making machine, everything has been AWFUL.
Carly: Everyone loves him but he's a little weird. I think that's from all the sugar, y'know?
Carly: But he's always good for free samples, especially if he's got a new recipe to try.
Carly: All the other kids couldn't wait to check out his Chromafacticator, or whatever he calls it.
Carly: And then then -- I DON'T KNOW what happened! All my friends just started acting like…
Carly: Like ZOMBIES! And then spread to the adults.

«Screen pans over to some grayed-out adults»

Carly: They don't talk. They don't smile. And they're… they're GREY.
Carly: It's like the life is being sucked out of everyone one by one, and I'M SCARED!

«Scene fades»

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