Color-Custom AC items (Non-Rare, Freeplayer)

10th Birthday Hat Of Wonder
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (0 AC)
1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
Abyssal Darkness (AC)
Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Accessory DaiDoji Katana
Activated Devourer of Souls Greatscythe (0 AC)
Activated Devourer of Souls Greatsword (0 AC)
AIC Logo T-Shirt
Akiban Backblades
Akiban Samurai
Akiban Samurai's Helm
Akiban Samurai's Shadow
Akiban Sheathed Blades
Alice In Chains Logo Armor
Alien Overlord Bubble
Alien Overlord Head
Amazing Anime Mariner (AC)
Amberheart Battle-Mage
Ancient CryptKeeper (Armor)
Apocalyptic Werepyre (Armor)
Apocalyptic Werepyre Wings
Arcane CryptKeeper (Armor)
Arcane of Nulgath
Arch Broodfiend Blade
Arch Broodfiend Blade Pet
Arch Broodfiend Carapace
Arch Broodfiend Daggers
Arch Broodfiend Helm
Arch Broodfiend of Nulgath
Arch Broodfiend Talons
Arch Broodfiend Wings
ArchFiend DoomLord
ArchFiend Enchanted Orbs
Archfiend Horns
ArchFiend Spear
Archfiend Warlord
Archfiend Warlord Wings
Archfiend Warlord Wings + Tail
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5
Arena Rockstar
Arena Rockstar 8th Scythe
Arena Rockstar Back Guitar
Arena Rockstar Glasses
Arena Rockstar Guitar
Arena Rockstar Shag
Aristocratic Cloak
Ascended Bloodletter of Nulgath (0 AC)
Ascended Champion Blade of Nulgath (0 AC)
Ascended Death Caster Wings (0 AC)
Ascended Oblivion Backblades (0 AC)
Ascended Overfiend Blade of Nulgath (0 AC)
Ascended Voidcaster (0 AC)
Ascended VoidCaster Cape (0 AC)
Backblades of Assassins
Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Base DaiDoji Katana
Bass Clef Bow
Battle Crown
Battle Mage's Cowl
Battle Oracle
Battle Oracle Battlestaff
Battle Oracle Hood
Battle Oracle Wings
Birthday Lil' Tendou on your back
Blade of Adulation
Blade of Fealty
Blade of Honor
Bladed Cape of Honor
Blessed Golden Cloak
Blessed Titanium Cloak
Blood Summoner
BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath
BloodVoid Knight's Accoutrements
BloodVoid Knight's Daggers
BloodVoid Knight's Greatsword
BloodVoid Knight's Longsword
BloodVoid Knight's Sword + Shield
Bright Frost Dracolich Guard
Bright Frost Dracolich Rider
Bright Paladin's Gryphon
Bunny Bonnet
Cape of Giants
CardClasher (Armor)
CardClasher (Class)
Cardinal Cloak
Cavalier Guard
Chakrams Cape
Chaos Doom Helm
Chaos Lord Helm
Chaos Lord Mage Pet (AC)
Chaos Lord Warrior Pet (AC)
Charged Ninja Pet
Chromatic X-Terminator
Chromatic X-Terminator Helmet
Chromatic X-Terminator Pack
Chromatic X-Terminator Scout Helm
Chromatic X-Terminator Tank
Chromium Void Axe
Chromium Void Battle BattlePet
Chromium Void Blade
Chromium Void Blade Pet
Chromium Void Cape
Chromium Void Chrono Axe
Chromium Void Chrono Blade
Chromium Void Chrono Polearm
Chromium Void Chrono Rune Gears
Chromium Void Chrono Spear
Chromium Void Chrono Staff
Chromium Void ChronoKnight (Armor)
Chromium Void Horns
Chromium Void Hourglass
Chromium Void Hourglass Pet
Chromium Void Polearm
Chromium Void Spear
Chromium Void Spikes
Chromium Void War Helm
Chromium Void War Mask
Closed Fish Cap
Color-Custom Shield Wings (Special)
Colorful Chickencowl
Colorful Chickencowl + Locks
Colorful ChickencowMancer
Colorful ChickencowMancer's Blade
Colorful ChickencowMancer's Staff
Copper Void Axe
Copper Void Blade BattlePet
Copper Void Blade Pet
Copper Void Chrono Axe
Copper Void Chrono Polearm
Copper Void ChronoKnight
Copper Void ChronoKnight Sword
Copper Void Hourglass
Copper Void Hourglass Pet
Copper Void Polearm
Copper Void's Horns
Copper Void's Time Blade
Courtly Cape
Crested Horns of Nulgath
Crested Vampiric Knight's Faceplate
Crested Vampiric Knight's Helm
Crested Wolf Rider Helm
Crimson Knight Commander
Crimson Plate of Nulgath
Cryptic Arcane Tome
CryptKeeper Skull
CryptLord's Accoutrements
Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Cunning Fox Tail
Cyber Crystal Phoenix Blade
Cyber Hanzamune Blade (0 AC)
Cyber Hunter
Cyber Necrotic Sword of Doom (0 AC)
Cyber Samurai
Cyber Samurai Back Blade
Cyber Samurai Blade
Cyber Samurai Helm
Cyber Samurai Katana
Cyber Samurai Katanas
Cyber Samurai Mask
Cyber Samurai Visor
Cyber Spear of Nulgath (0 AC)
Cyberfiend Cloak
CyberFiend Face
Daimon (AC)
Dark Blood Guard of Nulgath (0 AC)
Dark CryptLord's Accoutrements
Dark Dragonfang Blade
Dark DragonGuard (Armor)
Dark DragonGuard Wrap
Dark Dragon's Wings
Dark Frost Dracolich Rider
Dark Grenblade
Dark Guard's Helmet
Dark Guard's Visor
Dark Guard's Winged Wrap
Dark Hand Assassin
Dark Hand's Claw
Dark Hand's Claws
Dark Hand's Cyclone
Dark Hand's Cyclone Cape
Dark Hand's Double Edge
Dark Hand's Dual Cyclones
Dark Hand's Kusari-Gama
Dark Horns of Nulgath
Dark Knight Commander
Dark Legion Paladin (Armor)
Dark Matter Knight
Dark Prismatic Katana
Dark Shadow Armet
Dark Shogun (Armor)
Dark Shogun Crossed Katanas
Dark Shogun Helm
Dark Shogun Helm + Mask
Dark Shogun Katana
Dark Shogun Katanas
Dark Star Claymore
Dark Sun Mage
Dark Talons of Nulgath (0 AC)
Darkblood Skull Helmet
Darkon's Debris 13
Darkon's Debris 180
Darkon's Debris 180 Head
Darkon's Debris 4.1
Darkon's Debris 4.2
Darkon's Debris 508
Darkon's Debris 508 Dual
Darkon's Debris 66 Angel Wing
Darkon's Debris 66 Angel Wings
Darkon's Debris 66 Duality Wings
Darkon's Debris 66 Fallen Wing
Darkon's Debris 66 Fallen Wings
Darkon's Debris 66 Halo Horns Bang
Darkon's Debris 66 Halo Horns Cut
Darkon's Debris 66.1
Darkon's Debris 66.2
Darkon's Debris 66.3
Darkon's Debris 92 Hair
Darkon's Debris 92 Locks
Darkon's Debris 92.2
Darkon's Debris 92.3
Death Scythe of Nulgath
Deathshead Destroyer
Deathshead Destroyer Helm
Deep Dragon Surfer
Demonic ShadowFlame FaceGuard
Demonic ShadowFlame FaceGuard Wrap
Density Armor of Dark
Density Armor of Light
Devourer Of Souls (Armor) (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Cape (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Greatscythe (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Greatsword (0 AC)
Devourer of Souls Horned Cape (0 AC)
Digital DoomLord's Blade (0 AC)
Dimensional Champion of Nulgath
Djinn Summoner
Djinn Summoner Dual Swords
Djinn Summoner Locks
Djinn Summoner Scarf
Djinn Summoner Sword
Doom Celestial Sandhelm
Doom Celestial Sandknight
Doom Celestial Sandsword
Doom Celestial Sandwings

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