Cleric Joy

Helpful Cleric and Guide
Welcome to the town of Battleon! We need a Hero like you to help us! Our land is filled with dangerous monsters and an army of undead skeletons is attacking the King! Will you go and save him?

- Visit the King: To Swordhaven!
- Battleon Assorted Shop

To find out all there is to know about battling, doing quests and your screen display, please visit Valencia in the Battleon town square. Please speak with my friend Dawn in Swordhaven for information about the commands you have at your disposal! I also have a quick list of these commands, but she can teach you how to use them!

- To Swordhaven

More Information
Game Commands and Player Emotes Guide

/join roomname
/w player
/r player
/goto player
/ignore player
/unignore player
Join a new room
Report for harassment
Whisper to player
Reply to player
Go to other player
Ignore other player
Unignore other player
Heal after battle


Daily Quests
The area surrounding Battleon is full of creatures which threaten the townspeople near here. Take the road to Stonehand and talk to Jiro. His quests will give you Realm Gems to buy the Realm Guardian armor set!

- Realm Gem Quests
- Reward Gem Shop
- Go to Niamara

The Masters in Battleon are looking for a few good Adventurers to train. The four Masters teach combat skills for: Warriors, Mages, Rogues and Healers. With their help, you will be able to raise your fighting skills to a whole new level! Find them throughout the town of Battleon! in the Coliseum!

- Go to Trainers Go to Trainers

After completing Robina's Quests and talking to King Alteon on Screen 5 and watching through the cutscenes in Swordhaven Castle - Undead:

Helpful Cleric and Guide
Continue your journey along your chosen path. King Alteon has extended his hand in truce to Sepulchure's daughter. Now you must go and see if you can help her in this time of need. Be careful, her undead wander the realm of Shadowfall!

- Visit the Empress: To Shadowfall!
- Battleon Assorted Shop
- Help
- Daily Quests
- Trainers

After completing the Prologue chapter of The Story:

Helpful Cleric and Guide
You have been of great service to Sepulchure's daughter already - can you be of more assistance to her? Travel back to Shadowfall to help the Empress, or begin the fight against Chaos by finding Chiral Valley on your map.

- Return to Shadowfall Visit the Empress: To Shadowfall!
- Battleon Assorted Shop
- Help
- Daily Quests
- Trainers



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