Cleric Dawn

Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands
Welcome to the Clerics' Temple, Hero! This is a place of purity, of cleansing… of determining how to fix what is broken, sick or sullied. We are in desperate need of your assistance if we are to succeed in our mission!

Your Mission?
Yes, our mission is vital to the health and safety of all creatures and people on Lore. If we do not fulfill our goal… well, I won't go into details now. If you can help us enough, I will feel comfortable revealing our TRUE purpose to you!

- Cleric Dawn's Quests

After completing the 'A Little Chaos Goes a Long Way' quest

Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands
Without you, Hero, I am sure that we shall not succeed. But with the help you have given us, we are much closer to understanding HOW to cleanse Lore of Chaos! We shall continue to study, to learn, and to watch what happens on Lore. Without knowledge, there can be no progress!

- Cleric Dawn's Quests
- Cleric's Temple Shop



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