Cleric Ariel

Sisterhood of Dishpan Hands
Aria and Yulgar finally had a chance to lay their feelings out, and we have you to thank for it. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ariel, a cleric of the Sisterhood of Dishpan Hands, Cleric Dawn's student, and Aria's nurse. Many like me joined the Sisterhood and jumped at the chance to travel to Seabase Undine after the Mana Crisis. We faced that tragedy together, and will forge a new future together.

Lore survived the Mana Crisis and a moment when it felt like the sky was falling. Though our wounds have healed, the physical and mental scars continue to ravage Greenguard. The Sisterhood spread themselves thin to help as many people as they could. Despite the danger, I came to Undine with Cleric Dawn so we can learn and contribute to their efforts to advance the field of medicine and healing.

Cleric Dawn works with the Medical Division as an expert in Purification. While she's busy, I'm participating in advancing practical healing. Being able to regrow limbs and increasing one's affinity for magic through nerve reconstruction are incredible accomplishments! We're also making strides with healing the mind by purifying patients of their fears, inhibitions, and nightmares.

The Alliance has dissolved, and I am relieved that many of the new friends I made have realized that they aren't beyond redemption. Sadly, I've lost companions to the Empress' Shadowscythe as well. In this new age, the Sisterhood was trusted with the task of purifying those who have left the Empire. We work alongside Swordhaven's mages to cleanse them of their darkness and single out spies.



  • This NPC is named after the Ariel brand of laundry detergent.
  • Also see Cleric Dawn.

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