Clash of the Titans


«Hero and Ancient Goose in battle»

Hero: Cysero?! IS IT READY YET!?

«Ancient Goose gets the better advantage in battle, but Mecha-Raccoon enters just in time»

Cysero: Hey, I got it working.

Hero: Yeah, I can see that. Cut it a little closer next time.

Cysero: Look, they're playing!

«Ancient Goose and Mecha-Raccoon in battle»

Cysero: Uh oh. .

Hero: What? What's "uh oh"? Why "uh oh"?

Cysero: The magic power the mecha-raccoon and the goose's magic's wave frequences are diametrically opposed.

Hero: What does that mean?

Cysero: If they hit each at just exactly the right time they could…

«Ancient Goose and Mecha-Raccooon does just that, and fuse together»

Cysero: … it could do that. That could happen.

Hero: Oh… oh no.
Hero: That's… really…. horrible.

Mecha-Raccoon-Ancient-Goose: … kill … me.

Hero: Is… that… going to be OK?

Cysero: Nope. It's begging for the sweet release of death.
Cysero: But look at it this way… we won! The ancient goose is more or less powerless now.
Cysero: The ArchSage vanished but he'll have to return to the Queen of All Monsters empty handed.
Cysero: The day is saved and I couldn't have done it with you! Again!
Cysero: Your work is almost done here.

Hero: Almost?

«Cysero hands Hero a mop»

Cysero: Make sure you turn off the lights when you're done.

«Scene fades»

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