ShadowStalker of Time
I have come to this timestream to offer you, the Hero of Lore, a very special opportunity. It is time we expanded the number of those who can wield the power of a ShadowStalker.
If you choose to join us, you will need a Timelock Key. Once you possess that, you can unlock the shop to get the ShadowStalker of Time class.

2017 Calendar
The ShadowStalker of Time is a variant of the Shadow Walker of Time Class that comes with the 2017 Calendar Class from Heromart. Buying the Calendar unlocks both classes and in-game rewards from several of our other Artix Entertainment games.

- To HeroMart
- 2018 Calendar

- Timelock Key
- Timelock Key
- Class Shop


Thanks to Hindra_AE.

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