Eternal Chronomancer
I have come to this timestream to offer you, the Hero of Lore, a very special opportunity. It is time we expanded the number of those who can wield the power of an Eternal Immortal Chronomancer.
If you choose to join us, you will need an Immortality Key. Once you possess that, you can unlock the shop to get the Eternal Immortal Chronomancer class.

Eternal Chronomancer?
The Immortal Chronomancer is a variant of the Eternal Chronomancer Class that comes with the 2018 Calendar from HeroMart. Buying the Calendar unlocks both classes and in-game rewards from several of our other Artix Entertainment games.

- 2018 Calendar

- Immortality Key Shop
- Class Shop
- HeroMart



Thanks to rruurruu77.

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