Christopher Lugha

Unlucky Scholar
Can I help you?

- I guess not. - Closes dialogue box

After completing the 'No Good Deed' quest:

Unlucky Scholar
Effort means nothing. I studied for years to earn my place, and the King I served still put me on the street. I offered solid testimony to prove my brothers' innocence, and the paranoid fools in this village still hung them. Anyone can try as hard as they might, but forces beyond comprehension can still wipe us out like flies. Decades of work and love, destroyed in seconds.

The miller?
Just proves my point. The advice I gave him to help? Still killed him. His daughter still grieves. I meant no harm, but who are you? What do you care about our sorry little lives? Why are you even here? Are we entertainment to you? Well, I'll play no part. You want to help the girl? Find the house on the far east side of the village and end this farce.

- Christopher Lugha's Quest

Location: Eridani

  • Christopher Lugha is a direct reference to Cthugha.
  • Disappears after completing the 'No Good Deed' quest.

Thanks to Rsrdaman.

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