Chirpa Sherpa


Bird with arms that does no harms
Hoo-ooh, hoo-ooh! Hello Human. A little birdie told me you're the only one who can save our flock, so I hope the tweets are true. Some fowl monster has turned the kind Bird Brethwren into a battling Birdbarians! Not only is this eggceptionally dangerous, it's just… hawkward. Please, help us find a way to remedy the BirdsWithHarms spell! Spelling? Both true. Tru-hoo!

Hoo are you?
Ahh, a fellow pun-slinger. It's eggcellent that you like bird puns since you'll be cracking up throughout our adventure together. I'm the Chirpa Shirpa here to help guide you on this eggstraordinary quest. Together, we will put an end to the fowl play and everything unpheasant happening to my Bird Brethwren! Skrreeees, skrreeees

Bird Brethren
It might sound like a bit of ostrich, but it's actually Brethwren* and not brethren. Elder BirdsWithHarms had an astute sense of humor, hence all these insanely clever bird puns. But in all seriousness, the Brethwren are normally a kind Race to all the inhabitants of Lore — our only rivals being the Kittarians (and now BirdsWithHarms) for abundantly apparent reasons.

Kittarians?! WHERE?! Kruff-guh-guh-guh! Apologies for the alarm, Human; I thought you had spotted Kittarians, which are terrible cat-like creatures and rivals to the BirdsWithHarms Brethwren. Currently — and thankfully — the Kittarians have their paws busy with the rats over in Noobshire, but you never know when they'll pounce next… *ruffles feathers anxiously*

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- Brethwren Rep

After completing the 'Without Feather Ado' quest:

Bird with arms that does no harms
Hoo-hooray! Thank you again brave Human for saving my Brethwren from King Turking's spell. Some Birdswitharms have chosen to keep their newfound strength, which will one day come in handy when fighting our ferocious feline rivals, the Kittarians. You will forever be a friend to the Birdswitharms Brethwren!

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- Brethwren Rep

Location: Birds with Harms


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