Chilling Confrontation


«Hero and Syrrus battling Monstrous Refugees, when Syrrus holds up one in mid air with magic, hurting it»

Hero: Syrrus - Stop!
Hero: What are you doing?!

Syruss: It's a MONSTER. It's attacking my land. It needs to understand the pain.

Hero: Look at it! It understands. Now finish it or let the beast GO.

Syruss: It will NEVER - what I lost - how could it - *sob*

«Syruss let's the monster go»

Hero: This isn't you. You fight for GOOD. You want to SAVE, not destroy.

Syruss: I saw it about to - your back was turned…

Hero: I knew it was there, just like I knew you were watching out for me.
Hero: That's got to be the way of life now. For EVERYONE. But -
Hero: Just because we are battling monsters does not mean we should become monsters.

Syruss: I - You're right.
Syruss: I can't stop thinking about what Lorentz - the scatterbrained flap-dragon - is facing right now.

Hero: And you wanted it to face the same. I know.

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters at her throne, wth a minion kneeling down»

Queen of Monsters: Yessss. Look at you now, little bugbear.
Queen of Monsters: You would have grown up to be some clod-headed farmer like you father.
Queen of Monsters: Or died fighting a pointless battle for some inbred noble.
Queen of Monsters: But now… you are worthy of serving ME - terrifying.
Queen of Monsters: A creature to inspire nightmares… and a gift to bind an army.

«Back at Frozen Island, Karok present»

Karok: The Tower has fallen! They run and hide, rabbits afraid of a stewpot.
Karok: All that's left is to -

«Scroll left, someone is present on frontground, shadowed»

Karok: What in Eesha's glacial gullet are YOU?

???: Yourssssss… Masssster.
???: A gift from the Queen.

«Change scene, to Hero and Syruss»

Syruss: When did the birds stop singing?
Syruss: No stormclouds in the sky, and I don't smell snow coming. But it feels like…

Hero: We've got to move. Now.

«Scene fades»

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