Chillbite Reborn



«Scene: After being defeated, Chillbite glows and then ascends into the sky. Two color-changing orbs float down from the sky towards the Hero and Moknak. When the Hero touches one, they glow and fill the screen»

«Grandma Yeti, watching from afar, sees a glow from the top of a mountain»

Grandma Yeti: They made it!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and Moknak are back with the Ice Master Yeti and Grandma Yeti at the Yeti village»

Ice Master Yeti: Hey, hey! Welcome back! Glad to see you both survived.

Grandma Yeti: Congratulations, both of you!
Grandma Yeti: You have defeated Chillbite and survived.
Grandma Yeti: Moknak, you are now a full member of our clan - no longer a child!

«Close up of Grandma Yeti leaning towards Moknak»

Grandma Yeti: *whispers* But you'll always be a baby to me!

«Scene returns to previous scene»

Grandma Yeti: And <Hero>, we welcome you into our clan, too.

Moknak: Mokank have brand new <brother/sister>!

Hero: Haha, yep - looks like you do!

Moknak: Year is brand new, too!

Grandma Yeti: Not yet.
Grandma Yeti: But soon! Just keep watching the horizon.

«Scene: Ice Master Yeti, Grandma Yeti, Moknak, and the Hero silhouetted against the dawn sky>

Grandma Yeti: As soon as the old year ends… chillbite is reborn…

«Chillbite's silhouette appears in the sky»

Grandma Yeti: …and a new year begins!

«Scene fades to black, leaving only the image of Chillbite behind»

«Scene fades»

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