Chillbite (Cutscene)



«Scene: the Hero and Moknak at the top of the mountain»

Moknak: Chillbite close by. Moknak can feel it.

Hero: You getting nervous, Moknak?

Moknak: No!
Moknak: …yes.
Moknak: Moknak not sure he can do this.

Hero: Hey, it'll be okay. I'm right here with you.
Hero: We got this!

Moknak: Hope so. Not want to be eaten by big ice monster!

«Scene shakes»

Then you should not have come here.

«Scene: Chillbite on the other side of the mountain in shadow»

Chillbite: You should know better than to venture this far, little things.
Chillbite: It's not safe so far from your cave.

«Scene: Hero and Moknak»

Moknak: Moknak not run! Moknak not scared!
Moknak: Moknak will stay and fight! And he will NOT let you eat him!

«Scene: close-up of Chillbite»

Chillbite: Is that so?
Chillbite: Come then, little yeti. Let's find out.

«Scene fades»

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