The Court of Shadows' Jester
The spell in this book will free the children and my kind company. My own efforts may have been in vain but by your dexterous hands, I am certain we will be free before the Moon sets. Ahaha, I know the Moon never sets in Doomwood. Tis a manner of speech! I will read the book to you, while you enact the spell's steps. Don't mind the torn and missing sections. It's to be expected from an ancient tome.

This book contains the key to our freedom. Does it matter where it came from? Despite my…meagre experience with magic, I can tell that the pages hold great knowledge. It was hidden deep in the soil of a battlefield turned graveyard, yet its inked words survived in that pit of chipped bones. No doubt, the authors wished deeply for future Heroes such as yourself to find use in them. Pfft, ahahaha!

The Woods
The Forest is distinct from the rest of Doomwood, with a mind of its own. We tried cutting down trees and warding the wildlife away to make space, but they have peculiar qualities. Our blades only made shallow cuts in the bark, and some of the trees have uprooted themselves in search of prey. Yet, only creatures that feast on meat are roaming the dark. What could they be eating?

A Jest
Gather around, children! Hear the humorous tale of a Prince who wept for twenty-one nights, soaking his pillow through and through. See, his tutor rejected the proposal of marriage from this five year old royal quite gently, as she already had a husband. How pathetic, even for the Slug Prince! Funnier still, the King had the tutor beheaded to make the annoying cries cease. Was that not a fine jest?

- Chicot's Quests

After completing the 'Days Pass' quest:

The Court of Shadows' Jester
The Forest’s Spirit is stirring. Laugh and be joyful, we’re nearing the culmination of your fine work! Though the strange nomenclature the authors used has confounded me, conversing with you lot of squirrel brains helped me work the mystery through. Squirrels are sharp creatures by the way! Trust me. Don’t you trust me?

- Chicot's Quests

Location: Necro Carnival
Note: Replaced by Noxus (NPC) after completing the 'All Fall Down' quest.


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