Chef Ramskull

The Butcher
The Butcher. That's what they all called me. Didn't any of them care that I have a name?
I wasn't always a rotting butcher in a castle of bone. I used to a Lore-renowned chef! I had 5 star restaurants in the Sandsea, Mythsong, and Yokai. People traveled from far and wide just to taste my rhison tartare.

Tell Me Your Story
I heard tales of an enchanted cleaver - any meat cut with it would always be perfectly cooked. Always tender, never tough or raw or burnt! It was every chef's dream. It was kept within the walls of this castle. I only had to defeat the butcher who held it, and the Cleaver would be mine! I think you can see where this is going.

Not Really, No
Well, once I slayed the Butcher, the Cleaver bound me to the Castle in his place. I became the new Butcher, forced to carve and cook for the Deathknight Lords Flester the Silver and Yurrod the Gold. But the dead have no appreciation for subtle nuances of flavor, and none of them ever cared about who I'd been. The Butcher, they called me -- that's all I was to them.

How Can I Help?
I can't take my revenge on these two horcstains -- I'm dead. But YOU can do it for me. I'm sure they have plenty of loot that would interest you, if you need an incentive. Slay them, Hero! Teach them that I was more than just their nameless servant! I was Chef Ramskull!

After completing the 'Yurrod the Gold' quest:

The Butcher
Well, that went better than I expected. Flester the Silver and Yurrod the Gold - you sure wiped those smug grins off their face! Ha! Wish I could've been there to see it.

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