Firestorm General
So. You think to infiltrate the ranks of the Firestorm? Learn our secrets, discover what Tyndarius' purpose is? … You do not answer? Hmm. Perhaps you are wiser than you appear. Well. Whatever your motive, I will not turn away a willing blade. Not when that infernal ShadowHarpy and her army have invaded. And bringing FIRE dragons with them? How cute. Tyndarius will not stand for it, and neither will I.

If you're going to fight for us, get to it! And if you prove skilled enough, I'll put in a good word for you with the Commander. Who knows? He may even offer you a place in the Onslaught after this. IF you survive, and IF you impress me.

- Gravestrike
- Queenspire Merge

Location: QueenSpire


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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