Charlie Morning's Quest

Quest Location: Sandsea Saloon
Quests Begun From: Charlie Morning

Note: If you complete this quest more than two times, you must re-log to be able to do it again, as the Cacti won't regenerate the water needed.

Like most wonders in this era, objects are powered by either magic or science. My piano right here is steam powered and requires water to operate. Unfortunately… we're kinda in the middle of a desert. So water is no the easiest thing to come by. Some of the Cacti in the area should have plenty. Take this Tap and check every Cacti in the area for Water. Also see if you can find an Old Water Filter in the Trash Can out back.

Items Required:

  • Cactus Water (10 Litre) x1
    • Click on the cacti around the location
  • Old Water Filter x1


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp

You may also recieve, at random:

Thanks to SirBlackAxe.

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