Charlie Morning

Honky Tonk Pianist
Howdy! This is your first time at The Rusty Spitoon, huh? And you're already trying to ask questions? Easy partner; if you need my help, I'm ganna need yours first to power my Stream Piano before the dinner rush.

Ask about J6
Slow down there! These people get rowdy without their music. Find me some water and I'll help you out.

After completing Charlie Morning's Quest:
J6 has been the buzz for some time now. I might be able to help ya out. What do you wanna know?

1. Where J6 was last spotted?
Soluna City, definitely. Ordering a pizza. Oh wait, was that someone else? Lemmie tell you— these long shifts are doing a number on my memory.

2. Who saw J6 last?
Hmm, I don't know who would have seen J6 last. Maybe a hot cup o' Joe will help stimulate my memory? Yes, yes… a hot cup o' Joe sounds mighty nice right now.

3. What did J6 steal?
What hasn't he stolen? Exactly. J6 will steal anything of value, whether it's gemeralds, a running locomotive, or even crystalized dragon breath!

4. What is J6's weapon of choice?
Swords! There are so many different types of swords out there that it's near impossible for me to a weapon of choice. Oh waaiit, you were talking about J6's favorite, huh? Uhh…

What is J6's eye color?
Malachite. Chartreuse. Verdigris. Those are my kids' names. I named them all after my favorite color…and also J6's.

What is J6's class?
Class? HA! What class? Just kidding. I don't think the world of Lore has a class set out that describes his "class."

- Charlie Morning's Quest

Location: Saloon


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