Character Page Badges

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General Achievements

founderlarge.png legendlarge.png rarelarge.png

Description: Awarded to those who became an upgraded Legend within the first month of AQW's release (October 10th, 2008 to November 17th, 2008)!
Requirements: Purchase a membership during AQW's first month after being released.

Epic Hero


Description: Your quest to unlock the Blinding Light of Destiny is complete! You are truly a legendary Hero!
Requirements: Must have completed Artix's Quests and forged the Blinding Light of Destiny (Axe).


legendlarge.png ptrlarge.png rarelarge.png

Description: Awarded to players who have helped with PTR Testing
Requirements: Must have been logged onto the PTR server anytime between February 2010 - April 2010.


legendlarge.png rarelarge.png speciallarge.png

Description: You unlocked this badge and rare armor set by supporting AQW with the limited time Jade Samurai Package!
Requirements: Must have purchased a Jade Samurai 12 Month from the Upgrade Page at the time of the offer.


aclarge.png rarelarge.png

Description: You unlocked the Ancient CryptKeeper by purchasing one of our June 2016 limited quantity packages!
Requirements: Must have purchased one of 4,100 Ancient CryptKeeper sets in order to access this shop.

Artix Entertainment

rarelarge.png speciallarge.png

Description: You've unlocked the Kickstarter Backer Blade and cape for supporting the development of AdventureQuest 3D! ALL the heroes of Lore salute you! /bows
Requirements: Must have pledged at least $10 towards the AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter.


rarelarge.png speciallarge.png

Description: Time stops for nobody… except you! Awarded to Chronomancers with the AE 2011 Calendar!
Requirements: Purchase the 2011 AE Calendar from HeroMart.

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