Chaotic Good and Evil


«Hero defeats Chaos Harpy in Mirror Portal with Xiang»

«Xiang flashes red»

Xiang: You!
Xiang: You killed her! Our pet!
Xiang: After we worked so hard, and waited so long!
Xiang: If we killed you, do you think it would bring her back, hmm?
Xiang: Or just make us feel better?

«Xiang glows white»

Hero: Xang? Is that you?

Xiang: <Hero>…

Hero: I'm so sorry this happened, Xang. There must be a way to save you.

Xiang: No, <Hero>, you have to go.
Xiang: I don't want to hurt you, but I can already feel myself losing control.
Xiang: <Hero>, run!

«Xiang glows red»

Xiang: No, don't run.
Xiang: It would be so much more fun if you stayed… and played awhile.

«Xiang sends out a purple aura»

Xiang: Wouldn't you like to see what kind of fun we can have?

«Xiang glows white again»

Hero: …?

Xiang: No! <He/She> doesn't want to play with us!
Xiang: Quick, get out of here! I can feel how powerful we've become…
Xiang: I don't think you can fight us.

«Xiang glows red again and moves behind the Hero, grabbing them with her tentacles»

Xiang: Fight us? Why would <he/she> want to do that?

«Xiang starts trying to strangle the Hero with her tentacles»

Hero: *grk!*

«Xiang glows white»

Xiang: ?!?!

«Xiang releases the Hero»

Hero: I'm sorry, Xang.

«The Hero charges towards Xiang»

«Scene fades»

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