Chaos WatchTower

Location: Warlic - Amberheart WatchTower

Name Price
Sword_Table.png Blade of the Battle Kris membersmall.png 13,000 Gold
Axe_Table.png Axe of Chaos acsmall.png 175 AC
Axe_Table.png Blades of Order Axe membersmall.png 13,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Mage's Kris and Staff acsmall.png 200 AC
Polearm_Table.png Battle Mage's Staff membersmall.png 17,500 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Blades of Order Pike 5,000 Gold
Staff_Table.png Stonebreaker acsmall.png 200 AC
Armor_Table.png Amberheart Battle-Mage acsmall.png 600 AC
Armor_Table.png Blades of Order Knight membersmall.png 20,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Watchtower Sergeant acsmall.png 600 AC
Helmet_table.png Battle-Mage's Cowl acsmall.png 65 AC
Cloak_Table.png Battle-Mage's Cape 7,500 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Eye of Chaos (Cape) acsmall.png 100 AC

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