Chaos Vs Chaos


«Scene: Dream Nexus.»

«Hero runs up to Khasaanda. Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: You have done so much for Lore, and for my people, <hero>. But it was NOT enough. If you had taken care of Drakath before now…
Khasaanda: None of this would have happened! Once I take care of Drakath, WE will have to discuss what to do with YOU.

«Screen zooms out. Screen flashes purple and Drakath teleports in to the left of Hero.»

«Hero turns his head towards Drakath.»

Drakath: Did I hear my name mentioned? I'm flattered. But really, Khasaanda, all you had to do is call if you needed me.

«Screen zooms in on Drakath.»

Drakath: There was no need to create this… place… on the border of your dreams.

Drakath: Although, perhaps, we are skirting the edges of your nightmare.

«Screen moves to Hero and Khasaanda.»
«Hero holds up his weapon.»

Hero: No one is fooled by your empathy, Drakath. Why don't you just -

«Screen moves back to Drakath.»

Drakath: What? Applaud the efforts of my Chaos Lord here? Or should I say, the efforts of my Chaos Lords?

«Screen moves back to Hero and Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: You DESTROYED my life, the lives of my family, my kin. I am NOT your creature!

«Screen zooms out showing Drakath, Hero, and Khasaanda.»

Drakath: Ahaha, oh but you ARE! I chose your brother knowing of your link to him. How could you NOT be affected by his Chaorruption?
Drakath: I admit, I did not expect you to be quite so… unpredictable… as to KILL him, but that just shows how fitting it is that you share the title with your brother.

«Screen zooms in on Drakath.»

Drakath: Together, the two of you have disrupted the balance on Lore FAR more than either of you could have alone.

Drakath: You have done QUITE well, Khasaanda. I am pleased.

«Khasaanda jumps towards Drakath. Drakath raises his left fist and wing. Khasaanda is knocked to the ground. Drakath puts his fist and wing back down.

Drakath: Tsk. You think to challenge ME? Little Troll, you have NO idea of the power I wield.

«Screen zooms out showing Drakath raising his weapon at Khasaanda.»
«Drakath lowers his weapon surrounding Khasaanda with chaotic ropes holding her still.»

Khasaanda: Fine, go ahead. Kill me! Come here, MASTER, so I can take you out while you finish what you started!

«Screen zooms in on Drakath.»

Drakath: Hahaha! Oh, no. No no no. Is THAT what you imagine I came here to do when you challenged me?

Drakath: You have a few more things to learn about being Chaotic.

«Screen zooms out showing Drakath, Hero, and Khasaanda.»

Drakath: <Hero>, I'm sure you can handle one little Chaos Lord, can't you? A hero as experienced as you?

Drakath: I'll leave YOU to decide her fate. You would not want to leave a rogue Chaos Lord to roam freely about Lore, would you?

«Drakath teleports out.»
«Screen zooms in showing Hero and Khasaanda talking.»

Khasaanda: Of course. It would come down to YOU. Everything on Lore revolves around you, and the decisions you make.
Khasaanda: I should have Seen this coming. I wonder… why I did not?
Khasaanda: I suppose it doesn't matter, though. I cannot move; I'm at your mercy. It appears my future - and yours - rests on your next decision.

«Hero cuts Khasaanda loose.»

Khasaanda: If you cannot see who the REAL enemy is, I'll make sure you can no longer interfere!

«Scene fades»

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«Clicking the button ends the cutscene»

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