Chaos Twins Interfere


«Scene: Xing and Xang talking on Drakath's throne platform.»

Xing: He missed the Chronomancer's mind shattering. So sad! But now the Chaorruption is complete.
Xing: Did you see when he doubled-over? I thought he was going to somersault!

Xang: Tee Hee! Who do you think gave him the push? Good think he couldn't see me!

«Drakath and his pet Teleport in»
«Screen fades»

«Scene: Drakath sitting on his throne talking with Xing and Xang»

Drakath: Well done. It's been amusing, watching Professor Iadoa attempt to avoid the inevitable.

Xang: It's been fun watching him fight it! Hero's reactions to Iadoa's struggle have been SO entertaining!

Drakath: And it will be even more interesting to see what Chaos arises now that his golems have been… awoken.

«Xing and Xang look at one another and smile.»

Xing: Shall we go help them -

Xang: Understand their independence?
Xang: Their is so much we can teach them -

Xing: So many lessons he never let them know!

«Drakath points at Xing and Xang, then he teleports them away.»
«Screen fades»

«Scene: Hero is talking with Ash, Tek, Uldur, and Warlic at a ruin of a old city.»

Hero: HOW could the Professor's creatures rebel? I thought they were under his control!
Hero: And where IS Iadoa? He should be here!

Warlic: Chaos has moved into TheSpan in force.
Warlic: I believe Drakath's minions have given those less… devoted to our Master's cause incentive to explore independence.
Warlic: We remain while our Master attempts to heal himself. The Chaorruption is too strong inside him.

Uldor: Contact with any of his Chaos-enhanced minions would be detrimental.

«Screen zooms towards Hero»

Hero: That makes sense. So all of YOU are still with me?

Tek: Our tools are yours to use, Hero!

Ash: Hero helps where he is needed, and there's never been a better time to make our OWN destinies!

Hero: Then prepare for our battle! Our enemies aren't your friends any longer… and Iadoa's life -

Warlic: And our freedom -

«Screen zooms in on Hero»

Hero: Hang in the balance.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Drakonnan, Ultra Vultragon and Lucretia in a volcano.»

Ultra Vultragon: The smiling twins promisssse we shall go home! Return to our former selves.

Drakonnan: I'm not sure I'd WANT that. This new world is well enough. Room to make a new life for yourself.

«Screen zooms in on Lecretia»

Lucretia: I liked where I WAS! My new apothecary smells funny, and I'm still dizzy. I never asked wake up here in a new body!

«Xang comes in»

Xang: But if you want to KEEP that body, you'll get back to where you were set up!

«Xing comes in»

Xing: If you want to keep your freedom, your golem-friends can't know how many of you have woken up.
Xing: Just think - a life doing whatever you will, whenever you will…

Xang: Or a future that ends after the Chaos Beast rises.
Xang: Choices and choices! Chaos lets you choose. Chaos on the left, Iadoa on the right. Which path will you use?

Xing: Choices and choices! Chaos lets you choose. Chaos on the left, Iadoa on the right. Which path will you use?

«Screen fades»

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