Chaos Takes Control


«Scene: Screen fades in to that of the Hero and Iadoa»

Hero: Alright. So THAT was one of the big bads from your Dragon-timeline, right?
Hero: And all that randomness - Prof, are you SURE you're alright?

«Iadoa starts shaking, looking worried»

Iadoa: Yes. Fluffy, it was called in its original incarnation… I am - fine. Fine.

Hero: That name is ENTIRELY inappropriate. Whoever named it had twisted sense of humor.

Iadoa: Irrevelant.

«Iadoa starts holding his head in pain»

Iadoa: … OH. *gasp* The burning - the Chaos - it… returns.

Hero: I got you those potion ingredients. Make it! Hurry! You never told me -

«Iadoa collapses»

Hero: !!!

«Iadoa is still shaking, sweating profusely, looking worried»

Iadoa: Listen - talking quickly. Not much time…left. I can tell.
Iadoa: Each Proto-Beast - contains c-core part of the Chaos Beast … Needs to be s-summoned.
Iadoa Testing you - making YOU make… the Beast. Is - a - Lesson! *gasp*

Hero: Wait, what?!

Iadoa: ALL constructs - *gasp* - golems…everything…made from grains of sand.
Iadoa: 3 hourglasses… 3 timelines… 3 examples for you -

Hero: To learn from. You took the resources to make THIS from -

«Iadoa starts holding his head, swaying»

Iadoa: Shattered shards - sand. Time. Hourglasses - sands of time are blood of the Drag -

«Screen shatters»


«Screen shatters completely and fades to black»

"Chaos almost complete. Mind…shattered."

«Text fades and Hero appears shocked with text in black screen»

"Using last…bit of…to send you…home. Destiny must -"

«Scene fades»


«Scene fades»

- Continue

«Clicking the button ends the cutscene.»

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