Chaos Scars


«Scene: Hero standing by the huge Chaotic Troll.»
«The huge Chaotic Troll shrinks to a normal sized Troll.»
«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: I didn't even know him, but… it had to be done.

«Druuz slides in behind the Hero.»
«Hero turns his head behind him to look at Druuz.»

Druuz: *grunt* This - he was an abomination. We must bring him back. He needs the rites, he needs to be Sung to Sleep.

«Screen zooms in on Druuz's face.»

Druuz: And the twins. They must know.
Druuz: I will carry him, Hero. YOU have done enough.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Hero, Sokrakiis, Druuz, Khasaanda, Krellenos, and Bachius at the Trolls outpost.»

Druuz: Elder, I bring one to have his story told, and his life recorded. May the Gods remember his tale until the stars grow old.

«Screen zooms in on Hero, Sokrakiis, and Druuz.»

Sokrakiis: What - what is this! Is that? -'

Druuz: Our… friend… can tell you more. He took command of the battlefield, depriving any real Troll of the chance to defend our honor.

Hero: I did not intend to kill one of your kin. Sokrakiis - he… the Chaorruption, it was…

«Screen zooms in on Hero and Sokrakiis.»
«Sokrakiis looks at Hero.»

Sokrakiis: Complete. This is what you faced in the field? This is what the Horcs have done to us?

Hero: No! It was not them! The Horcs are not -

«Screen moves to Khasaanda, Krellenos, and Bachius.»

Bachius: Not worthy of an honorable death! They are savages, vermin, scavengers feeding on the filthy corpses that Chaos' power places before them.

«Screen moves back to Druuz.»

Druuz: We must take them ALL! Leave them not a meter of land, or a moment of peace!

«Screen moves back to Khasaanda, Krellenos, and Bachius.»

Bachius: We will give pain as we have received it.

«Screen moves back to Hero and Sokrakiis.»

Hero: I am telling you, the Twins SAID - this was planned, they knew you would think - that you would see -

«Sokrakiis looks at Hero again.»

Sokrakiis: I am sure they did know we would see.

«Screen zooms out showing everyone.»

Sokrakiis: We would see a child of our people mutilated, defiled. A bright future obliterated by ambition and violence!
Sokrakiis: You spoke to me before of peace, tried to persuade us that treaty and accord were right.
Sokrakiis: It seems so long ago, before the attack began. And I was eager to listen, many of us were.
Sokrakiis: There can be nothing like that now. Just like there is nothing left of Antiphuus in this mutated, twisted shell.
Sokrakiis: He was -

«Screen mvoes to Druuz, Khasaanda, and Krellenos.»

Krellenos: He was our brother! Khasaanda and I, we watched him grow! Sung him the Teaching Songs -
Krellenos: There is NOTHING that will redeem his killer.

«Screen moves back to Hero.»

Hero: Please - I know you will not understand, but I HAD to -

«Screen zooms out showing Hero, Sokrakiis, and Druuz.»

Sokrakiis: No, Hero, it is you who must learn, who must realize.

«Screen moves to Khasaanda and Krellenos.»

Sokrakiis: Krellenos and Khasaanda, they can See, and they realize what poor Anti's future would have been.
Sokrakiis: There is no beauty, no art, to the swirling maelstrom of Chaos that consumer him.

«Screen zooms out showing everyone.»

Sokrakiis: An end came for him before any beginning. His song will not go unsung, and his face will not fade from our memories.

«Sokrakiis looks back towards everyone else.»

Sokrakiis: You saved him from a life that is no life. Had you not - handled - him so humanely…

«Screen zooms in on Druuz, Khasaanda, and Krellenos.»

Krellenos: He would have ravaged our home, no better than a beast. Left free, in this state, he would have torn our peoples' lives apart.

Khasaanda: His killer will not go unpunished. This I say. And you, Hero…

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda's face.»

Khasaanda: You will stand between two poles, a world apart yet side by side.
Khasaanda: Two by two by two you'll see your friends and enemies marching in step across a battlefield that looks like home.
Khasaanda: … Antiphuus! *sob*

«Screen fades.»

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