Chaos Rift Opens


«Scene: Greenguard Forest, near the Chiral Valley sign»

«A rift to the Chaos Realm opens up»

So you see, my friend… First the rift to the Chaos Realm opened.

«A chaos tentacle with an eye appears and attaches itself to a tree, then a Gorillaphant appears with a chaos tentacle with an eye attached to its arm, then the Gorillaphant gets chaotic.»

Then the Chaorruption began affecting the land and creatures around the rift.

«Scene change to Knights at the Amberheart Watchtower.»

And then it targeted the Knights of the Amberheart Watchtower, the guardians of order.

«Chaorrupted being appears at the Watchtower.»

They wait and watch, but also serve, ready to defend the realm against Chaos.

«Chaos beings pass by, Guards alarmed, Guards confront chaos being, chaos being attacks them with Chaos lightning.»

«Scene fades»

Until now. They are gone, all of them. And we do not know where.

«Scene fades»

«Warlic and Hero at entrance of the watchtower»

Warlic: As you see, no trace of them remains.

«Scene scrolls up, and purple feathers fall from the sky, burning up before they hit the ground»

Warlic: Except that NOW the locals report random showers of chicken feathers…

Hero: …and the baker's apprentice keeps trying to headbutt the blacksmith's stomach.

Warlic: You only think you're joking.


«Scene changes to beacon of the Amberheart watchtower, with Vormund appearing the sky, translucent»

Hero: But what about the battlemage you mentioned before? Where'd HE go, if he was in charge of all this?

Warlic: HE goes by Vormund Vigil-Keeper since he took on this task. And that is why I am so concerned.
Warlic: We studied together, fought against each other at times…
Warlic: But many years ago agreed that his watch - and those kept by others around Lore - were vital.

«Sky goes dark, chaos lightning»

Warlic: He would not have left his post by choice, not without lighting the beacon to summon help.

Hero: Then I have two tasks. Find out what happened to Vormund -

Warlic: And light that beacon! At all costs, we must summon aid and send word to the others.
Warlic: They must know that our defenses have been breached and that -

Hero: Chaos is coming!

«Scene fades»

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