Chaos Revealed / The real Chaos Lord!


«Hero and Kimberly with defeated Discordia in the One-Eyed Doll stage»

Hero: OK Discordia, you've been defeated and you didn't even get to summon your Chaos Beast! (Whatever it was.)

Kimberly: SHAME ON YOU! What do you have to say for yourself?

«Discordia's mask disappears»

Discordia: What… what happened?

Hero: You have played your last concert Chaos Lord!

Discordia: Chaos Lord????? The last thing I remember was working on one of my compositions… then I heard this music…

Kimberly: It was good, right? Like, the best you've ever heard? Ever?

Discordia: …I felt my willpower seeping away. I was becoming hypnotized… by… YOU!

«Discordia points at Hero with a pink rose»

Hero: Me? I never…

«Kimberly and Hero swap places, now Discordia is pointing at Kimberly»

Discordia: No.. HER!

«Kimberly laughs»

Hero: Wait… you're THE REAL CHAOS LORD!?

Kimberly: Hi, hero! I'm still Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll! But it looks like you've figured out that I am the REAL Chaos Lord. Awww. That's OK. I'll just have to destroy you… then we can be friends!

«Kimberly begins to play with her band at the stage. Cutscene ends»

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